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    By walt | September 13, 2010

    White Buffalo Calf Woman

    White Buffalo Calf Woman


    It was told around the villages for millennium that a Sacred Woman appeared to the Lakota people bringing the “Chanupa” (sacred Pipe) for their use here on earth. This is my interpretation of what I heard from Unci (Grandmother) long ago. 

    A long time back before time was captured by time pieces and clock radios. The ancestors of the Lakota nation told of a Holy event that happened in the Black Hills area of  Turtle island. The people where hungry and needed to find the Buffalo nation to survive the fast approaching winter. The seer’s prayed and sent two scouts to search for their brothers and sisters the  Buffalo. 

    The two scouts rode off and made camp for 3 days searching  for the herd. On the fourth day they spotted a cloud of dust far off and watched as yellow buffalo came towards them out of the dust. The yellow buffalo charged towards them and then rolled on the ground creating another cloud of dust. Out of this cloud came charging a Red Buffalo. It too rolled and created a third cloud of dust and a Black buffalo came forth towards the scouts who were by then totally enthralled at what was happening right in front of their eyes. The Black buffalo fell to the ground and began rolling creating the fourth cloud of dust and from this cloud a White buffalo appeared walked toward them and when it was close  transformed into a beautiful Woman who walked right up to the scouts. 

    She was wearing a beautiful ceremonial dress made of white buckskin. On her dress was a beaded red rose. The dazzling reflected sunlight made it look like no rose of this world. She walked the final steps approaching the two men. 

    One of the men wanted her sexually and took a step toward her. He immediately was turned into a pile of skull and bones . 

    The other knew she was Holy and he knelt before her and asked “how may I help you Sacred Woman”? 

    She talked to him with her mind. Return to your village and tell the people that in four days she would bring them a gift. She communicated to him how to construct a large ceremonial lodge to receive her and the gift. 

    She then turned and walked into a fast appearing white cloud and the wind picked up and blew the cloud away. In its place he saw a white buffalo running toward the horizon. 

    Seven days later the villagers where ready to receive her with a new Lodge they had built according to her wishes. 

    In the distance a scout spotted a cloud of dust forming in the nearby valley and the criers sang out.  Out of the cloud came a yellow buffalo. And the people where amazed when it rolled in the dirt and came up Red. Charged toward them and rolled in to a cloud of dust and came out Black. On the forth rolled the Buffalo came out of the cloud of dust White and walked to the edge of the village laid down and rolled a dust cloud. Out of the cloud walked the most beautiful Maiden carrying a bundle in her arms. She did not speak words yet told them plenty as she walked into the Sacred Lodge. 

    Inside she knelt by the fire pit laid the bundle she was carrying on the ground carefully, as if it was a child. She began slowly opening the bundle. Inside were a Pipe stem and a pipe bowl. She pick both pieces up one in each had and with her mind spoke. This is the pipe stem he represents the masculine. She held up her other hand. This is the pipe bowl  she represents the feminine. She put the two together making the sacred pipe whole and told them. When ever the Feminine has received the masculine surely the creator is present. 

    She then took a pinch of kinni-kinnick (Indian tobacco) from the bundle and held it up in the air towards the heavens saying this represents the Great Mystery . She placed it into the sacred pipe. Then took another pinch of kinic kinic held it to the heavens and said this represents the winged ones. She kept filling the pipe with blessings to the four legged, fishes, crawling ones, tall ones (trees), waters, star nation and finally the two legged (people) those in pain and suffering, orphans and those locked up spiritually in resentment and fear. And so the whole Universe and beyond was now represented inside the Sacred Pipe. She took a piece of fire and placed it in the pipe then drew in smoke and blew it towards the east and prayed then towards the south , the west and north. 

    She drew smoke and blew it towards the heavens and finally she blew smoke and touched the pipe to the earth. White Buffalo Calf Woman stood and held the pipe bowl towards her heart and the stem towards the heavens and she prayed for the people that they would thrive in harmony with Nature and the web of life would hold together because we are all related.  She then gave the people the sacraments to use the pipe in  the Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, Adoption, Sun Dance, and Healings ceremony. Some sacraments  have been lost through the years because of laws prohibiting the practice of their religion. 

    Until the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in 1978. It was created to protect and preserve the traditional religious rights and cultural practices of American Indians.

    White buffalo Calf Woman Bronze Sculpture

    Click on above link to see video

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    Radio Ablation, Teeth and Cancer Treatment

    By walt | August 6, 2010

    Hello everyone I wanted to get this quick blurb out about Cancer and the connection to dental cavitations. Cavitations are pockets in mouth  jaw area where anaerobic bacteria from (injury, extraction or root canals) that may be producing a super neurotoxin causing cancer directly down the same side of your body.

    How to check to see if you have one (they may or may not hurt or bleed). Get a thermal scan of your body. A thermal scan will show hots spot of inflammation. Also a thermal scan can pick up cancer about 7 years before a mammogram will.

    For more info  read …am I dead yet  by Fred Hughes or go directly to,    Cancercured.org

    or call 888-943-2563

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    How’s your Hedge Fund now Baby

    By walt | December 31, 2009

    How’s your Hedge Fund now Baby by walt stewart c 2009 


      Momma’s holding kitchen court  there’s nothing to eat

      Says  she’s got to  rest her weary feet    

      Ain’t seen it this bad since Papa lost the still

      When the tea pot boiled over on the S & L bill


    Chorus:     and Momma said to Daddy

     How’s your   hedge fund now baby                 

    You still think   it’s    just an accident           

    It’s seven come eleven with  side effects      

    these money changers got no     horse sense


     She says it’s a mater of G-eights dysfunction  

       Playing Texas hold-em   at the G-twenty junction

       It’s  no fun trimming  hedges in the big apple

       When blind credit raters are sleeping in the temple


     Bridge: I want a raise, ?I wan’t a rasie ….today


       In walked  the judge wearing his derivative suit

        Money leaking from the soul of his boot

        Daddy say’s to Momma where’d you get this crap

        She Says  been doing my banking  at the Laundromat



    Bridge We want a raise. We want a raise ….today

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    When our belt gets pulled real tight

    By walt | December 30, 2009





    When our belt gets pulled real tight

     w. stewart copyright 2009



    Maslow’s root Chakras

    insist we survive.

    Surfing  chaos like a raptor

    T-rex around the hive.

    Huntin  strange attractors

    Buffalo dressed all white. 

    Eyes open widest when

    The belt gets pulled real tight.



    Credit defaults, Count-in chickens

    Or did the egg  get the nod  

    Sent our house of sandycards

    Diving like a Cod.

    Flying  from  rubble of

    A falling green façade.

    Can’t call  S.E.C.

    Cause their  the Vice Squad.


     Eyes fly wide open When our belts get jerked  real tight,

    I’m at tent city its stone soup again tonight.

    Can’t pay the doctor bills since the bank dropped their kites.

    They sold out my grand kids where’s our Bill of Rights.


    EYE above  Pyramid

    Hollow as our Chest .

    Since Captain Jack and Burning Bushes

    Sailed away like the rest.

    Sent the dueling spirals

    And Darwin a new dawn.  

    Wall papered book of faces

    Texted on   and    on   an   on.


    Eyes fly wide open When our belts get jerked  real tight,

    I’m at tent city its stone soup again tonight.

    Can’t pay the doctor bills since the bank dropped their kites.

    They sold out my grand kids, who turned out the lite.


    Mayan hour glass is empty

    Spring forward then fall back.

    Manic tribe of locust

    Fighting for some PAC.

    Green Zeus we trusted

    Left us an empty sack.                           

    Earth will survive herself

    When our belt gets j-e-r-k-e-d real tight.


    Baby’s rock-in  cradle

    There’s  honey in the nest.

    How can we sustain her

    Full ripe Breast.

    We are all in this web

    T’was  Nixon said it best.

    But Gaia plays Dominoes

    Better than the rest.


     Eyes fly wide open When our belts get jerked  real tight,

    I’m at tent city its stone soup again tonight.

    Can’t pay the doctor bills since the bank dropped their kite.

    They sold out our grand kids where’s our Bill of Rights.



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    Jagged Old Wound (the Veteran’s song)

    By walt | December 30, 2009

    Jagged Old Wound walt stewart 11-18-09, copyright

    He was my hero, on that stormy night
    Wish I‘d done more in that fire fight
    Should have been me, it could of been me
    He pushed me away, I wish it been me

    My heart hurts can’t think at all
    The tears are here but they won’t fall
    Oh where are you honey, not feeling too sunny
    I just don’t know why he had to go

    Maybe a new truck will help my pain
    Some chocolate chips or … cocaine
    A trip to Cabo or smoke more pot
    Gotta fill this hole where he got shot

    Stuck in this sand, done my share of harm
    Ain’t coming back baby, fifth tour’s a charm
    This war’s been hell, its eating our lunch
    I’m coming home baby, God I miss him so much

    Been home sometime now, sleep comes in small
    Waitress knows to give me, the chair against the wall

    Walk around my town checking all the doors

    roof tops and the alleysI can’t do this any more
    People drive so crazy here, they just got to cease
    Don’t get too close now, I just want my peace

    A’int no truck gonna help my pain
    No chocolate chips or … cocaine
    No trip to Cabo or smoke more pot
    Gotta fill this hole with my Soul

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    United Breaks Guitars

    By walt | November 24, 2009

    Pretty clever, don’t ya think? Clever this is Briliant, thank you so much Dave for not being a Victim. I love that you used your creativity to flip this situation into lemon aid. Bless you. Walt

    A musician named Dave Carroll recently had difficulty with United Airlines. United apparently damaged his treasured Taylor guitar ($3500) during a flight. Dave spent over 9 months trying to get United to pay for damages caused by baggage handlers to his custom Taylor guitar. During his final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager, he stated that he was left with no choice other than to create a music video for youtube exposing their lack of cooperation. The Manager responded : “Good luck with that one, pal”.

    So he posted a retaliatory video on YouTube. The video has since received over 5.5 million hits. United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted settlement in exchange for pulling the video. Naturally his response was: “Good luck with that one, pal”.

    Taylor Guitars sent the musician 2 new custom guitars in appreciation for the product recognition from the video that has led to a sharp increase in orders.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEqvCktdSBM&NR=1 hitler blames United

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    MY Boss “You’re FIRED”

    By walt | October 27, 2009

    Your Late

    Yes I was ill

    But You’re late

    I know  

    I was Depressed

    You’re FIRED sign here

    Thank you

    I am feeling better already.

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    Aqua Dulce

    By walt | October 21, 2009


    Aqua Dulce

    Dad at first we went  with you cause

    Mom wanted some peace from the ten of us.

    We went  to a world where

    Men brought deep water up  from the earth.

    They laughed and cussed

    at themselves in the Texas heat.

    Lumbering tools bent deep,

    Sweaty axle grease men

    who shaped rope, cables, chains,

    Pipe-wrenches and steel

    into surgeon’s wands

    Coaxing the nectar upward

    Men who long new

    the value of AQUA

    Before it was bottled up,

    Back when It  flowed freely

    They knew how to go get it.

    They knew they had to protect it.

    You gave us all you had

    A Livelihood and knowledge.

    Now we drink your memory

    like we drank the cool sparkling sweet water,

    pumping out of the well.

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    GOLD and your portfolio

    By walt | October 14, 2009

    When I was growing up it seemed we where always hearing news of Fort Knox and all the gold inside its vaults. Have you heard anything lately? Oh I know I could Google it right now. But No one seems to talk about the old standard except maybe Ron Paul. I wonder why especially since the dollar is deflating and Gold is Sky rocketing. Oh in a past life  I was in the Market and in the Offshore Oil Business. Sometimes I find myself dreaming about it at night, then I wake up the next day (like this morning) and wonder about this world and its illusions. If the Financial world was a piece of art I can see it is unbalanced and has too weak a armature.

    So it seems to me all the financial advisers are in the dark ages when they tell you Gold Should only be 5% of your investment portfolio. Remember when Gold was $340 an ounce? Da! I say minimum investment in Gold should be between 8-15% of your investment. We never should have gotten off the Gold and Silver Standard.

    Reminds me of Peter Sellers as Chance the Gardner you know the movie with Shirley McClain? Can’t remember the movie title though. Any way if you have not seen it get it. Very Funny!

    OK I am going to the Studio now enough of this balancing of my check book stuff. Thanks for helping me purge all that before I go.

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    Boy’s find things in the dirt.

    By walt | October 3, 2009



    Summertime, playing marbles with your little brother

    Lagging crystals, bowlees, and cat’s-eye’s in the dirt

    Hearing the barking of your saxophone

    To the beat of square, circle, triangle, and star shaped notes

    Vibrating through your window screen

    Raked through each tinny opening  freely

    Squawking bluesy rhythms escaped

    Unlike your image hidden  in your dark underworld.

    Us outside free in the sunlight with your music

    Never saw your face, wondered, where you loosing your marbles like me?

    I know now you had found them in that darkness.

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