SONG DEMO: “How’s Your Hedge Fund Now, Baby”

Lyrics – “How’s Your Hedge Fund Now, Baby” by Walt Stewart Copyright 2009 VERSE 1 Momma’s holding kitchen court / there’s nothing to eat Says she’s got to rest her weary feet    Ain’t seen it this bad since Papa lost the still When the tea pot boiled over on the S & L bill and […]

SONG: “When Our Belt Gets Pulled Real Tight”

Lyrics and Music: Walt Stewart / Copyright 2009 / Walt Stewart Studios Maslow’s root Chakras insist we survive Surfing  chaos like a raptor T-rex around the hive Huntin’ strange attractors Buffalo dressed all white Eyes open widest when The belt gets pulled real tight Credit defaults, Count-in chickens Or did the egg  get the nod […]

SONG: Jagged Old Wound (The Veteran’s Song)

Lyrics and Music: Walt Stewart /  Copyright 11-18-2009 / Walt Stewart Studios He was my hero, on that stormy night Wish I‘d done more in that fire fight Should have been me, it could of been me He pushed me away, I wish it been me My heart hurts can’t think at all The tears […]