UNVEILING: Wounded Knee Memorial in the “Spirit of Reconciliation”

    Walter’s Art Quest began Dec. 29, 1990, on the 100th anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee 1890. The sculptures of the hundreds of Native American men, woman and children slaughtered that Christmas season in 1890. It is a way of making peace within himself. He says: Grandfather Joseph taught us that when one […]

UNVEILING: “The Giving Tree” Sculpture

The Giving Tree what a great book by Shel Silverstein so sad and poignant. The tree is “Greatness” Grandfather used to tell us around a camp fire. “the tree is stored sunlight” . I loved to watch children swinging on the rope swing in our yard. They came from all around the neighborhood to play what […]

SONG: Jagged Old Wound (The Veteran’s Song)

Lyrics and Music: Walt Stewart /  Copyright 11-18-2009 / Walt Stewart Studios He was my hero, on that stormy night Wish I‘d done more in that fire fight Should have been me, it could of been me He pushed me away, I wish it been me My heart hurts can’t think at all The tears […]

Gold and your portfolio

By: Walt Stewart October 14, 2009 When I was growing up it seemed we where always hearing news of Fort Knox and all the gold inside its vaults. Have you heard anything lately? Oh I know I could Google it right now. But No one seems to talk about the old standard except maybe Ron […]

STORIES: Train Trestles (the lucky shot)

September 29, 2009 In late Spring we would go and pick blackberries along the railroad tracks near the trestles that crossed White Oak bayou near 34th Street. Once my brothers and a few of our friends got hungry and decided to forage for some berries to eat. It was hot and we where sweaty and […]

Happy New Year 2009

January 2009, by Walt Stewart Ahhh time to take relief now that the Holidays are gone. Last night’s Lodge Ceremony ended my time off. A sweet way to close the year and open the next mingling with friends in song with nature. Hope all of you had a good Holiday. And thanks to Dante Jacuzzi for […]

Red Rock Christmas Story

I got a call from my  brother Billy asking me about a Christmas story I wrote years ago. He said he told the story to someone else and they wanted a copy of it. Took me two weeks to search through all my writings but I found it today. It was among the old “Follow Your […]

The Big Fish Story

November 30, 2008, by Walt Stewart Well, I better finish this fish story while I’m still remembering it. Thanks for the comments everyone.  Back on Red Rock, before the pause, this had happened:  “Walt, he’s just smelling the bait. Wait, Walt”. He sensed my impatience. Then a moment later, “Sluooop”… the cork sounded and  disappeared under the water. […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

November 27, 2008, by Walt Stewart Good day to ya. Thought i would get a jump on my gratitude list. Something seems to happen inside of me when I write down what I am grateful for. First on the list this year is my mom. My mom should write a book; she is so witty, thoughtful, giving […]