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    By walt | December 8, 2011

    Doctors Say "you will never walk again" Responce "you don't know who I work for"


    Are you on your Journey to finding out who you really are?

    Grandfather would say “if not your lost”.

    The most important question you will ever ask yourself is .

    “Who am I “?

    A personal story about Joseph Campbell .

    I had stopped drinking for about a month and was driving to a sobriety meeting .

    It was 11:30. I was on my lunch hour in Houston when I turned on the truck radio and heard Joe talking,  he mentioned Follow Your Bliss several times in his explanation of the Hero’s Journey .I call him Joe because I felt he was talking directly to me, so much that I spun the truck around and headed to the radio station in Montrose to meet  him. I was driving fast and listening to this beautiful dialogue about the quest for each of us in our lives. Crazy driving as time was running out and I thought I would not get there in time to meet him.

    Deeply relating his words to my own experience of the upheaval I  personally was  going through at the time. I arrived at the Radio Station just as his interview ended. I would wait in the parking lot then, introduce myself to him when he came out the door. I kept the radio on and heard these tragic words:“We have been listening to a tape of Joseph Campbell recorded earlier in the year “.

    Nooooooooooooooooo I screamed.

    He went on to say “ Joseph Campbell died last year; for copies of his work blab la bla Bla bla Bla,“  I was in tears I didn’t know where they came from. I don’t know this man why am I crying, no now sobbing. Looking back now I believe I was grieving my grandfather and wanting to get some  more of his and my fathers wisdom. Oh don’t get me wrong they both gave me tons and in fact allot of their truth about the Hero’s Journey was seeing them in action , because they lived it . But to sit and talk with them man to man and hear their words about archetypes like Joe was talking about and now I  find out he is dead and I missed it. I turned in my tenure at work that day.

    Well I began eat every thing Joe ever wrote or spoke after that day and more importantly,  applied his teaching’s as I continued my own quest and leading others to their’s.




    I am so full of Joy seeing this trailer for the new movie “ Finding JOE”


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    Tree house/studio pics 16 years in the making one day and one board at a time.

    By walt | November 19, 2011

    Esmeralda coming through the roof. I ought to patent this design no leaks.

    anothe roof line shot

    looking up into the 2nd loft

    front doors 100 years old

    Tree through upper deck

    Esmeralda through kitchen sink opening I can see her from all the roooms sxcept the utility room. Love it.

    Back Paneling love the rust line patina reminds me of a old pinstriped suit .
    Looking out back
    Esmarelda the healing tree growing through my house/Studio. Love meditating with her. next project wood floor

    Esmeralda Looking uo from floor

    chief contractor

    Busy Spot. Almost done.

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    “Singing Woman” latest work available in a varity of colors Limited Edition

    By walt | November 17, 2011

    Singing Woman Blue #1/AP

    Singing Woman #1/AP Solid Bronze red patina

    Singing Woman Red Patina #1/AP Solid Bronze

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    “How’s Your Hedge Fund Now Baby” song

    By walt | October 13, 2011


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    Hanging Chad Returns

    By walt | August 31, 2011

    This is a vedio we  produced and just found it in the stack of Art projects.


    Click on this link To see vedio

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    White Buffalo Calf Woman Bronze Sculpture

    By walt | August 17, 2011

    White buffalo Calf Woman Bronze Sculpture

    Click on above link to see vedio

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    Wounded Knee Memorial in the “Spirit of Reconciliation”

    By walt | August 10, 2011


    1890 Wounded Knee Memorial

    Walters Art Quest began Dec. 29, 1990 the 100thanniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee 1890. The sculptures of the hundreds of Native American  men, woman and children slaughtered that Christmas season in 1890. It is a way of making peace within himself. He say’s “ Grandfather  Joseph taught us that when one has a polarity of emotions the relief comes from taking a prayerful physical action. Once that is started you are catapulted into the Spiritual purpose of the polarity and directed into the center of the Medicine Wheel to a place of Transformational Potential.” Thus Walter began his healing, that has transformed himself and emotional healing to others.

    What happened at Wounded Knee was a dark moment in the Soul of America. “Manifest Destiny” Americas justification to dominate and capture territory and all its natural resources. Truth is there was tons of Gold  on their Reservation in those Black Hills and some white men wanted to take it.  The Government Policy was to wipe out the Buffalo and other wild game to starve the Indians into submission. We “Humans” are the only species that keeps another species from eating.

    Some facts many Americans don’t know is that the 7thCalvary who had Bigfoot’s tribe captured at Wounded Knee was the remnants of Custer’s 7th Calvary who attacked the Indians and was then  killed at Little Bighorn. Also the Indians at Wounded Knee where on their own land allotted in the 1868 Treaty. Bigfoot’s band was protecting his people and escaped 14 days earlier from a Northern reservation after Sitting Bull was assassinated. Back then the Indians where not allowed to travel freely to other visit other areas (divide and concur US policy).Scared they where on their way to Pine Ridge to meet with Red Cloud; who had negotiated better relations with the US Government through his victories and political skills.  Bigfoot and his  Band were disarmed 3 times, even the sewing awls where confiscated from the women. The Army set up on the high ground with Hotchkiss 3.2 cannons zeroed in on both Men’s camp and the separate Women and  Children’s camp.  The evening before, a merchant wagon delivered supplies including a barrel of whiskey to the 7tjh Calvary soldiers. The next Morning a loud crack sound was heard and the order was give to start what became a Massacre. Did you know 36 Medals of Honor where given to the soldiers for this hour of on slot?

    Each sculptures carries a representations of those killed.  “Walter says he will continue to sculpt these spirits as long as he is guided,  “I just work here, I’m not in charge” ,  in fact he never sculpted before this Quest began”.

    He goes  on to explain,”When one goes on a Vision Quest to listen for a calling he/she sits for days with no food or water praying for a vision, a mission or a healing. A person would go in a humble way alone to lament and be with the Great Mystery for days and nights. Once the person takes the pledge and begins physical action ie. ties prayer flags to send his voice above, in that moment, Spiritual Reconciliation, the Quest  begins to carry him. Far as I know the record for Vision Quest is 40 days and 40 nights by a Jewish Carpenter.

    He continues, “Same thing for a Art Quest.  An artist pledges to Spirit and hangs his/her prayer flags, thus begins the journey of mental, emotional and physical actions necessary of the artists’ medium. The artist then moves into a place of Transformational Potential (some call zero point) and is carried by Spirit along the journey of creation. This Joint Venture with Spirit  may have  trials, tribulations, visions, mental and emotional upheavals, insights, mistakes,  peace and bliss.  Animals, people, dreams and all creation will bring you gifts of encouragement and test along the way. The artist job is to pay attention to the signs along the trail of the quest and to offer it all up to Spirit.   

    Vision- “I would love to see the day (should they choose) when the 7th generation descendants of the 7th Calvary and the 7th generation descendants of the survivors of Wounded Knee meet on the hill at Wounded Knee for a healing Ceremony and offer up to the Great Mystery  those Medals of Honor”.

    His Art Quest contiues today.

    *These Sculptures are not for sale. They are available as a group installation experience the Healing of that Holocaust.

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    The Old House on Saxon

    By walt | July 18, 2011

    Dad said I would knock those red bricks loose if I kept pitching the hard ball against em. I’d draw a strike zone with an old sheetrock chalk on the red bricks  and pitch as hard as I could; hoping some scout  would drive by and see me then sign me to the minor leauge  Houston Buff’s . Those dreamy summer days in the 50″s. 

    Most of the time my pitching practices ended abruply with a crash of broken glass windows to the right. Another wild brush back pitch flying high and way inside.

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    Lightning Medicine Cloud

    By walt | July 1, 2011


    Wednesday I went to the naming ceremony for the White Buffalo that was born May 12th near Greenville Texas.  The Sacred Calf born during a thunderstorm has been christened “Lightning Medicine Cloud”.

    The owners of the ranch Arby and Pat Little Soldier where gracious host and spoke of the birth of “LIGHTNING MEDICINE CLOUD” as a gift from the Great Mystery for all PEOPLE all NATIONS and the WORLD.

    Personally I felt Joy all day long. The goose bumps and chills kept me cool until the ceremony finished then I nearly passed out from the 100 degree heat.

    I honor those in full regalia dancing in the heat and doing ceremony for all in Human tribe.

    I feel much hope from this gift from creator.


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    “The Giving Tree” by walt stewart Enjoy

    By walt | June 24, 2011

    "The Giving Tree" Eric, Kelly and Doug on the "ole rope swing" Bronze


    The Giving Tree what a great book by Shel Silverstein so sad and poignant. The tree is “Greatness” Grandfather used to tell us around a camp fire. “the tree is stored sunlight” .

     I loved to watch children swinging on the rope swing in our yard. They came from all around the neighborhood to play what they called pile on.  The tree was blown down years later in a Huricane. What do you feel when you look at this frozen moment in time.

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