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    Veterans Day 2008

    By walt | November 11, 2008

    Sacred Ground
    Sacred Ground

    November 11, 2008 – by Walt Stewart

    I started to write “Happy Veterans Day” but deleted it. I am not in the mood to say “happy” on veterans day, at least not this year.

    I am more melancholy than happy today, over the years of Veterans days I have had many different moods from Angry to Happy and everything in between.

    I am trying to figure out whether I am just feeling sorry for myself or just feeling period. You see I have been working with Veteran’s coming home from Iraq , Afghanistan and other combat veterans from Beirut to Panama and Central America.  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome they call it. You know when a veteran comes home from Iraq and and pulls somebody over for driving wreck-less wraps the seat belt around the drivers head while screaming at him in poor Arabic slang. We ask why?  Well his rules of engagement in country where to shoot any car driving wreck less near him or near anyone else for that matter, for months on end…and then two more tours. One Vet could not cry anymore he was frozen and may not ever be able to have a intimidate relationship again, ever.

    It’s not that I am against supporting our troops I am just against supporting War of any kind right now. Maybe it was the report on increased Veterans suicide I watched last night on PBS. I know I am being naive and unrealistic, but give me a day off. Here I am a veteran, and its Veteran’s Day.

    God Bless all the veterans of all the conflicts, take a day off.

    And special prayer for Those Who Gave All.

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