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    Gold and your portfolio

    By walt | October 14, 2009

    By: Walt Stewart

    October 14, 2009

    When I was growing up it seemed we where always hearing news of Fort Knox and all the gold inside its vaults. Have you heard anything lately? Oh I know I could Google it right now. But No one seems to talk about the old standard except maybe Ron Paul. I wonder why especially since the dollar is deflating and Gold is Sky rocketing. Oh, in a past life I was in the Market and in the Offshore Oil Business. Sometimes I find myself dreaming about it at night, then I wake up the next day (like this morning) and wonder about this world and its illusions. If the Financial world was a piece of art I can see it is unbalanced and has too weak an armature.

    So it seems to me all the financial advisers are in the dark ages when they tell you Gold Should only be 5% of your investment portfolio. Remember when Gold was $340 an ounce? Da! I say minimum investment in Gold should be between 8-15% of your investment. We never should have gotten off the Gold and Silver Standard.

    Reminds me of Peter Sellers as Chance the Gardner you know the movie with Shirley McClain? Can’t remember the movie title though. Any way if you have not seen it get it. Very Funny!

    OK, I am going to the Studio now enough of this balancing of my check book stuff. Thanks for helping me purge all that before I go.

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