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    POETRY: The Rakuist Lunch

    By walt | October 1, 2009

    by Walt Stewart

    October 1, 2009

    Exhaling into the Earth

    Centering her skin

    Initiating an opening

    Spirit penetrates her fertile core.

    Life pulls in all directions

    Generating a globular shape

    Death beckons the fruit to its funeral pyre.

    Smoke, steam, and fumes billow

    Dancing oxygen starved  onlookers

    Timing their alchemic attack.

    Clawing into hot coals and ash

    Revealing  matured sustenance

    Results of the sacred dance.

    Fiery hot petals pealed open

    Revealing rows of golden beauty of the gods.

    Gingerly salting, biting membranes

    Savoring, swallowing cells ruptured

    Love’s released  essence.

    Potter devours his a-maze-ing meal.

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