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    Tree house/studio pics 16 years in the making one day and one board at a time.

    By walt | November 19, 2011

    Esmeralda coming through the roof. I ought to patent this design no leaks.

    anothe roof line shot

    looking up into the 2nd loft

    front doors 100 years old

    Tree through upper deck

    Esmeralda through kitchen sink opening I can see her from all the roooms sxcept the utility room. Love it.

    Back Paneling love the rust line patina reminds me of a old pinstriped suit .
    Looking out back
    Esmarelda the healing tree growing through my house/Studio. Love meditating with her. next project wood floor

    Esmeralda Looking uo from floor

    chief contractor

    Busy Spot. Almost done.

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