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  • Big Brother (Begining of the Big Fish)

    By walt | November 24, 2008

    I hope you arn’t expecting to read something of the Government conspiricy nature from this particular post. Maybe some other time. no, this is more of a personal post.

    Once along time ago I went fishing with my two brothers at our favorite spot. Red Rock on the White Oak bayou at the (then) edge of Houston’s city limits. It was in July we wore our summer clothes, cut off blue jeans, no they weren’t designers unless you consider cockle burls stuck to the fabric and sand on the butts fashionable. No this was more the dress for the weather attire (we thought anyway). My older brother Richard was a true fisherman he had the patience and Stephen he too could sit still for times. Not me I was the hyper one way before hyper was cool and the fad of pharmaceutical companies. (Oh there I go into the conspiracy stuff, Stop it Walt!)  We got there early and caught the grasshoppers along the field trails, this time of year there where the big ones, the size of my palm, wings still wet from the dew made em a easy catch. Brown legs with yellow specks, green thorax and black prehistoric mandrels full of a dark Tabaco looking juice they would spit on ya sometimes. Richard chased one to me and I trapped it. He came over to my side and said “Ya put that one on your hook and ya might get a bass”. I took it as a promise and began to dream like the old man in the sea while we caught two more hoppers.

     Richard  had taught me the hierarchy of a fishes value. First there are minnows then tiny perch, pan size perch, large bluegill perch, then a catfish trumps a perch, well that is if its big enough to eat. Then there comes the bass and because of it’s fight-en power, it is a good catch at any size, then ya move onto the bony fish. There’s the carp and the gaspergoo then all the way up the list to the largest of the Red Rock pool, the infamous and elusive Alligator Gar that could get big as a young boy and scary as hell when your swimmin.

    We took the bait we’d caught down to the waters edge and walked across the ol’ wooden plank onto Red Rock. I dropped the tackle box and it made a loud rattling noise…..     “Schessh”….. Richard hissed “you’ll scare the fish”. He stood still and began reading the environment. I followed his eyes into the water which was clear to a point then went sandy then brown. A circle wave of water appeared along with a swirl in the middle of the bayou, “look” he whispered  “a fish”. Then his eyes  quickly moved to the bank and a water moccasin slithered out of the willows and plopped into the water, we looked at each other and both  made the facial cringe signaling fear. We looked back to watched the snake swim down stream away from us. Sighs of relief.

    Richard knew to get me fishing first then Stephen and finally he would rig his rod and reel Mom had ordered him for his birthday, only three books of S & H Green Stamps. He opened the blue rusty metal tackle box and took out a cork, BB weight and a small shiny brass hook. I didn’t own a pole so he reached for  his pocket knife inside  his cut-offs, went over to the willows and cut a five foot limb, began stripping the leaves off it. He took his pole and asked Steve to hold it while he pulled on the string. The reel began to clatter he  quickly flipped the free spin lever and it silently rolled out some black fishing line, he cut off about ten feet for my new fishing stick. Tying one end of the line to the tip of the willow stick and the other end he threaded through the round cork, slid it up about three feet and pinned it with  a orange wooden stopper. Then he  picked up the barbed hook and softly said to Steve and I “watch this”  we knew to watch cause he had taught us everything that Dad had taught him, he was allot like dad. He made a game out of everything so it was fun. “This is a fisherman’s knot” he continued,  he put the frayed end of string in his mouth slowly pulled it out through his wet lips and stabbed it into the hooks eyelet. Rich then twisted the hook and began to count the turns  softly…1..2…3…4…5…6… stopped and placed the wet end through the loop of string he created from the twisting motion, pulled the string taunt into a knot. He nodded in satisfaction  of not just doing it right but satisfied we had watched closely too. Then he took the lead BB weight and placed it six inches up the string from the hook put it to his mouth and used his teeth to squeeze it tight. He said  “Give me your Grasshopper Walt” . I slowly opened my hand and almost lost the hopper, he took it from me and hooked it right behind the head, then let the line dangel as he gave me the fishing-stick. “Fish off to that side so we won’t get tangled” , he mumbled,  and turned to   begin to make Stephen his fishing-stick. I noticed the grass hopper was still very active as I carefuly placed it  into the water. I no more sat down when the cork started to move, “Richard” I whispered,  he said “I see it, wait tell the cork goes all the way under Walt he’s just smelling the bait, wait Walt” he sensed my inpatients. Then a moment later, Sluooop the cork sounded, it disappeared under the water. “Now” Rich hollard. I jerked back hard on the fishing stick  and held on tight as the stick doubled over and began to vibrate and pull like a bull Mastive on a leash. 

    It is one thing to feed someone, yet more noble to teach em to fish, so that he can feed himself and his family !

    Happy Sixtyth birthday Richard 

    Me and Rich

    Me and Rich

    (to be continued)


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    Update of my Nephew.

    By walt | November 15, 2008

    I just talked to my brothers son. He is in great spirits, considering he has a broken hand and leg yet to be operated on. He is grateful for he can move his arms and legs now after his surgery on his neck. He said he laid there paralysed after the wreck and was scared to death it was a permanent scenario of his future. We where scared too Keith.

    He is a blessed man to get this second chance, he has a long road ahead of him, don’t we all. His attitude is pointed true north towards gratitude. The simple things like being able to control your own bodily functions he said. How true. I remember lying in bed after my pelvis and sacrum where crushed, and all I could do was breath in and out. Every step toward healing brought gratitude. All the first where milestones. First time to sit up, to breath without oxygen, to eat without a tube, get in a wheel chair, to get to the toilet, to  bathe myself, to —on and on and on.  I am grateful he is going to be alright. Attitude of graatude sure helps with life’s ups and downs.

    more later


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    Good News

    By walt | November 12, 2008

    Just found out my Nephew’s operation on is broken back was successful. He was in a terrible accident the other night in Houston on his scooter and was left paralyzed on the side of the road. His back was broke at T-5 and the surgeon’s repaired it and found his spinal cord in tack. Thanks everyone for your prayers please continue to send them he has two more operations on his nose and leg. The physical therapist is working with him already and she is very positive about his recovery plan. He is a strong man and with help will recover.

    Keith Stewart

    Keith Stewart

    Keith Stewart

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    Veterans Day

    By walt | November 11, 2008

    Sacred Ground

    Sacred Ground

    I started to write Happy Veterans Day but  deleted it. I am not in the mood to say happy on veterans day at least not this year.

    I am more melancholy than happy today, over the years of Veterans days I have had many different moods from Angry to Happy and everything in between. I am trying to figure out whether Iam just feeling sorry for myself or just feeling period. You see I have been working with Veteran’s coming home from Iraq , Afghanistan and other combat veterans from Beirut to Panama and Central America.  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome they call it. You know when a veteran comes home from Iraq and and pulls somebody over for driving wreck-less wraps the seat belt around the drivers head while screaming at him in poor Arabic slang. We ask why?  Well his rules of engagement in country where to shoot any car driving wreck less near him or near anyone else for that matter, for months on end……. and then two more tours. One Vet could not cry anymore he was frozen and may not ever be able to have a intimidate relationship again, ever.

    It’s not that I am against supporting our troops I am just against supporting War of any kind right now. Maybe it was the report on increased Veterans suicide I watched last night on PBS. I know I am being naieve  and unrealistic but give me a day off here I am a veteran and its Veteran’s Day. God Bless All the veterans of all the conflicts, take a day off. And Special prayer for Those who gave all.

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    Congradulations America

    By walt | November 6, 2008

    Thank you everyone for getting out and voting. I am so proud to have heard that we broke records for the number of people who Voted. One hundred thirty million   54%,  the largest ever and votes are still being tallied. My depression and anger has moved on, because we exercsed or right to be, for the people and by the people, everyone see’s we walk the walk of a democratic republic. The majority has chosen Obama, I send prayers to him and to John Mcain, may our leaders have the strenth and Principles to lead us forward toward a peaceful world.

    Photo of Veterans Flag Ceramony at Nakai Breen’s-Medicine Wheel.

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    Election Day

    By walt | November 4, 2008

    Salute to American Heros 911-Fireman sculptures

    Salute to American Heros 911-Fireman sculptures

    Hello everyone, Be sure and get to the polls today to execute our biggest freedom, the right to vote. Hopefully we will know by tomorrow who will be our next president and not have to wait a month for the results. i personally think this should be a national holiday to give it the importance it deserves. No matter who wins we all do because we have a peaceful elections and changing of the guard. God Bless America and the whole wide World.


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    ffAfter the crash

    By walt | August 22, 2008

    Hello everyone. Wanted to write a few things here to get used to the blog experience. This is the beginning of the new web site. Kinda nervous about it . Seems like along time ago since my motorcycle wreck and the long road to recovery. Lots of blessings including my new artistic outlet- Painting.

    In the future I will be telling the whole story of that fateful day Sept 13th 2006. Right now I need to work on this site to get it up and running.

    more later


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