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    Jagged Old Wound (the Veteran’s song)

    By walt | December 30, 2009

    Jagged Old Wound walt stewart 11-18-09, copyright

    He was my hero, on that stormy night
    Wish I‘d done more in that fire fight
    Should have been me, it could of been me
    He pushed me away, I wish it been me

    My heart hurts can’t think at all
    The tears are here but they won’t fall
    Oh where are you honey, not feeling too sunny
    I just don’t know why he had to go

    Maybe a new truck will help my pain
    Some chocolate chips or … cocaine
    A trip to Cabo or smoke more pot
    Gotta fill this hole where he got shot

    Stuck in this sand, done my share of harm
    Ain’t coming back baby, fifth tour’s a charm
    This war’s been hell, its eating our lunch
    I’m coming home baby, God I miss him so much

    Been home sometime now, sleep comes in small
    Waitress knows to give me, the chair against the wall

    Walk around my town checking all the doors

    roof tops and the alleysI can’t do this any more
    People drive so crazy here, they just got to cease
    Don’t get too close now, I just want my peace

    A’int no truck gonna help my pain
    No chocolate chips or … cocaine
    No trip to Cabo or smoke more pot
    Gotta fill this hole with my Soul

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