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    How’s your Hedge Fund now Baby

    By walt | December 31, 2009

    How’s your Hedge Fund now Baby by walt stewart c 2009 


      Momma’s holding kitchen court  there’s nothing to eat

      Says  she’s got to  rest her weary feet    

      Ain’t seen it this bad since Papa lost the still

      When the tea pot boiled over on the S & L bill


    Chorus:     and Momma said to Daddy

     How’s your   hedge fund now baby                 

    You still think   it’s    just an accident           

    It’s seven come eleven with  side effects      

    these money changers got no     horse sense


     She says it’s a mater of G-eights dysfunction  

       Playing Texas hold-em   at the G-twenty junction

       It’s  no fun trimming  hedges in the big apple

       When blind credit raters are sleeping in the temple


     Bridge: I want a raise, ?I wan’t a rasie ….today


       In walked  the judge wearing his derivative suit

        Money leaking from the soul of his boot

        Daddy say’s to Momma where’d you get this crap

        She Says  been doing my banking  at the Laundromat



    Bridge We want a raise. We want a raise ….today

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