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    Happy Thanksgiving 2008

    By walt | November 27, 2008

    November 27, 2008, by Walt Stewart

    Good day to ya. Thought i would get a jump on my gratitude list. Something seems to happen inside of me when I write down what I am grateful for.

    First on the list this year is my mom. My mom should write a book; she is so witty, thoughtful, giving , loyal , beautiful, down to earth and has never met a stranger.  She fits in everywhere, but is most comfortable on the floor with some of her grandchildren, or great great children, around her. She loves it when she gets to hold a baby. She is a natural, or at least an expert. She has five daughters and five sons. This year Numbers 48, 49 & 50 in hers and Dads legacy came into the world. Two girls and a boy my Grandson Levi. My Father passed away July 11 this year  right before Levi came into being. He would have loved my daughter naming him Levi cause that was his father in laws name. Yep Mom’s Dad, we called him Gramps and that’s what Dad ended up being called when he had grandchildren, Gr amps. I am a student of the circle of life which is why I guess can write a gratitude list.

    I talked to Gary yesterday my friend he lost his mom this summer too, his daughter is way pregnant with a little girl. He and I have another thing in common we both had near death experiences lately. He got that crazy staff infection that super bug, well it attacked his top two vertebrae and he was walking around his car repair shop with the worst stiff neck. It was hard to see him in so much pain there in the shop trying to fix cars with this stiff neck that made him look down all the time. So he went to the chiropractor and got adjusted only his top two vertebrate where disintegrating. needless to say he went home feeling worse than before he went. I felt bad cause I recommended the guy. He help me after my Harley accident. Anyway  a few weeks later Gary’s Mom took him to the hospital and they found out he had only half of those two neck bones. He had been working with his head dangling by only his stiff muscles in his neck. They rushed him to Houston and a surgeon put rods and clamps in there and he is working again. We like to talk about the fact that we are still alive and how grateful we are. On yea back to my list.

    I am grateful for my 9 brothers and Sisters who would be the characters along with me in my Mom’s book she should write. She has 50 characters with stories, out the gazu. Heck she could probably write two on just how much trouble i gave her growing up. By the second grade I was tied to the desk and my mouth tape up with adhesive tape (precursor to duck tape). I was the poster boy for the soon to be discovered Hyper child. So mom If your watching you are a Saint and get busy with that book it will make Erma Bomback look boring.

    Grateful for the time my mom and dad bailed me out of my first mortgage crises. We had bought a mobile home my last year in the Navy in 1973. We had our third child and wanted to buy or first home but need to sell the trailer , Mom came through and asked dad to take the note on the trailer so we could close on the new house. Amazing looking back on it how they came to our aid so smoothly. It’s not that i wasn’t grateful at the time it was just that i don’t remember saying Thank You. Must have been my sense of entitlement shadow i carry around with me. So thanks Dad  thanks Mom for being there so many times for me. We bought that house for $18,900,00 I gave em $100 and they gave me a refund of $75 at closing. Thanks uncle Sam. Never thought I’d have him on my gratitude list. Miracle’s do happen.

    I am grateful  for my Children I have 3 and a one daughter and a son in law. They have given me eight grand children. I had nothing to do with the grandchildren part just answered the phone  and listened  “Dad we are pregnant” eight times . Happy joyful words for a Paw Paw to hear. I am a wealthy man full of family very Grateful.

    Oh yeah I have this great woman my grand children call her JoNanna. She is the best thing in my life, a true friend, lover and companion I like her. Which is not to say i don’t love her cause i do . It’s just more important to say I like her.She is a wonderful human being. She is a teacher the kind i wish I had growing up, she works with the the ones left behind and carries the Advocate Archetype for her students empowering them them to become their best.

    Friends galore I am totally grateful for all my friends across the planet now each one of you make me smile when I think of you.

    And last but definitely not least i want to that my best friend and lover my creator who when I feel more connected to each Minute.

    I feel like a pilgrim because if it wasn’t for my indigenous friends I would still be lost and my soul hungry. Thanks

    Happy ThanksGiving Everyone

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