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    The Hero’s Journey

    By walt | December 8, 2011

    Doctors Say "you will never walk again" Responce "you don't know who I work for"


    Are you on your Journey to finding out who you really are?

    Grandfather would say “if not your lost”.

    The most important question you will ever ask yourself is .

    “Who am I “?

    A personal story about Joseph Campbell .

    I had stopped drinking for about a month and was driving to a sobriety meeting .

    It was 11:30. I was on my lunch hour in Houston when I turned on the truck radio and heard Joe talking,  he mentioned Follow Your Bliss several times in his explanation of the Hero’s Journey .I call him Joe because I felt he was talking directly to me, so much that I spun the truck around and headed to the radio station in Montrose to meet  him. I was driving fast and listening to this beautiful dialogue about the quest for each of us in our lives. Crazy driving as time was running out and I thought I would not get there in time to meet him.

    Deeply relating his words to my own experience of the upheaval I  personally was  going through at the time. I arrived at the Radio Station just as his interview ended. I would wait in the parking lot then, introduce myself to him when he came out the door. I kept the radio on and heard these tragic words:“We have been listening to a tape of Joseph Campbell recorded earlier in the year “.

    Nooooooooooooooooo I screamed.

    He went on to say “ Joseph Campbell died last year; for copies of his work blab la bla Bla bla Bla,“  I was in tears I didn’t know where they came from. I don’t know this man why am I crying, no now sobbing. Looking back now I believe I was grieving my grandfather and wanting to get some  more of his and my fathers wisdom. Oh don’t get me wrong they both gave me tons and in fact allot of their truth about the Hero’s Journey was seeing them in action , because they lived it . But to sit and talk with them man to man and hear their words about archetypes like Joe was talking about and now I  find out he is dead and I missed it. I turned in my tenure at work that day.

    Well I began eat every thing Joe ever wrote or spoke after that day and more importantly,  applied his teaching’s as I continued my own quest and leading others to their’s.




    I am so full of Joy seeing this trailer for the new movie “ Finding JOE”


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