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    Walt was born in St.Louis in 1950. He has 9 brothers and sisters. His father brought his family to Houston in 1952 and when Walt grew up he worked as a mechanic at his Fathers company( S & N Pump Co ) until joining the Navy 69 -73. He earned his rank 2ND Class Jet Engine Mechanic quickly. He is a Vietnam era Veteran who served the Sixth Fleet off the Mediterranean flying air-crewman in the old S-2E . Walt has three children Eric, Kelly and Doug. Also  11 grandchildren. He is a certified Leader for Mankind Project. He also designed and facilitates 2 workshops one called “Follow Your Bliss” and the other is “In-To-Me-See”.

    Walt started creating art in the early nineties, combining his love of working with his hands, mechanical abilities and the quest for an expressive outlet. Walt knew he needed a mentor to fully develop his sculpture techniques. So he  left Houston and moved to Wimberley Texas in 1992. From 1992 to 1999 he studied as an apprentice under Michael  and Rosemary Hall at Fire Island Academy in Driftwood Texas. He is a associate at Michael Hall’s Studio Foundry working in Studio C. He said “Michale is the finest teacher for learning the complete concept to finished product of Bronze Art & Rosmary bgental way of teaching is nothing but Divine”.

    Walt is a healer, artist and leader, he serves Humanity by leading “Initiation and Rites of Passage ceremonies” throughout the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Canada. Also his healing services are available for People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on a one on one basis or through these organizations.“The Veterans Journey Home” and “Return to Honor”. 

    Walt Stewart Began his art career after a spiritual ceremony during a veteran’s walk called “The Last Patrol” on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Until then Walt had no inclination of communicating through Art.
    Walt joined the walk with another Navy veteran during a sobriety trip to Seattle, Washington June of 1990. Walt spent his last 2 years in Naval Hospitals after a accident while on Liberty. During that time he became close friends with the wounded  from Vietnam. From his personal witnessing of how these heroes of Vietnam where treated he became bitter. Walt expressed.“I could not understand how Men and Women who gave of themselves for US could be spat on and left abandoned by the very Nation who sent them into Harms Way” By Chance in 1990 he met a Vietnam Veteran from Pine Ridge South Dakota.  Walt said: “While driving North through Kansas I wondered that if we went through the reservation if I could  meet a real Medicine man.  Walt continued: I started laughing because I pictured us going through a drive through Medicine Man Store on the Rez. Hours later our truck rounded a curve and a flagman was waving us to stop. I rolled down the shotgun side truck window only to have a long haired Lakota man stick his head in the cab. “What are you guys doing’ I said, He replied” we are looking for two Texas Veterans to carry the Texas Flag”. He went on “we are the Last Patrol, Come join us we are going to have ceremony tonight and a feast”. My Drive through Medicine man was “Dewy Braveheart.” We became good friends.  

    The next day we marched to the border near White Clay where Michael Martin and Doc Holiday of the Last Patrol took the Texas flag to draw a line in the ground. We where each asked to pledge an oath before crossing into this other world of the Ogallala

    Let’s draw the line again…
    Stand together in the Circle… and remind ourselves when…  we made promises… we owe to our selves… to keep…
    Let’s draw the Line, again…
    And remember what we said about our lives back then…    we pledged allegiance to a dream that we believed…” (c)  M.J.Martin ].

    At the border we where met by Chief Red Cloud in full regalia he Took the pipe from Floyd Kitchen It was carried the 700 mile march from first Vietnam Memorial at Angel Fire New Mexico
    When the veterans and supporters marched into the town of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, the People of the Ogallala Nation lined the streets. “When the women sang the Tril`lio,” remembers Walt, “I felt electricity rush through my body and the years of hidden tears came. It was a healing experience for all; to be honored by these ancient people.

    My Art began as a way to express my gratitude to the people of Pine Ridge (see Wounded Knee Memorial). Once I found my art, I found mentors and a path for a life I never dreamed before. Special thanks to Celane Not Help Him Family. Unci still gives me the spiritual strenth to continue with the Wounded Knee Memorial Project. 

     Walt works at his Texas Hill country studio and is an artisan at Michael Hall Studio Foundry in Driftwood, TX.  Here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country  he set up his studio and ceremonial grounds.

    Art Installations and Exhibits

    “For Gold Cross and Sword the Conquering of Americas”
    2 Man Show with Walter Romero of Brazil, Houston, TX 1992

    “Trial of Columbus” Houston, TX 1992

    Leonard Peltier Defence Fund Raiser, Galveston,TX 1992

    Carl Jung Center Houston,TX

    Sable V Wimberley, TX now Galley on the Square

    Spirit Echoes Gallery Austin,TX 1993

    Art Gallery on Audubon Houston,TX 1993

    Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston,TX 1993

    PBS special “People of the Hills” filmed in Texas and at the Ogallala Nation. Featured artist

    Creative Life Art Center, Houston, TX 2008

    All about Image, Wimberley, TX 2008

    Gathering of Eagles, Kerrville, Texas

    George Bush Republican Economic Development Conference “Corporate Terrorist”

    Enron Headquarters with the “Corporate Terrorist” until dectectives suggested he leave.

    Umloft Sculpture Gardens, Austin, Texas

    Broken Arrow  Blanco, Texas  home of Wounded Knee memorial 1993-2007

    Raven House Wimberly, Texas
    For a privite veing of the Wounded Knee Memorial e-mail walt at waltstewart dot com