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    Update of my Nephew.

    By walt | November 15, 2008

    I just talked to my brothers son. He is in great spirits, considering he has a broken hand and leg yet to be operated on. He is grateful for he can move his arms and legs now after his surgery on his neck. He said he laid there paralysed after the wreck and was scared to death it was a permanent scenario of his future. We where scared too Keith.

    He is a blessed man to get this second chance, he has a long road ahead of him, don’t we all. His attitude is pointed true north towards gratitude. The simple things like being able to control your own bodily functions he said. How true. I remember lying in bed after my pelvis and sacrum where crushed, and all I could do was breath in and out. Every step toward healing brought gratitude. All the first where milestones. First time to sit up, to breath without oxygen, to eat without a tube, get in a wheel chair, to get to the toilet, to  bathe myself, to —on and on and on.  I am grateful he is going to be alright. Attitude of graatude sure helps with life’s ups and downs.

    more later


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