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    Aqua Dulce

    By walt | October 21, 2009


    Aqua Dulce

    Dad at first we went  with you cause

    Mom wanted some peace from the ten of us.

    We went  to a world where

    Men brought deep water up  from the earth.

    They laughed and cussed

    at themselves in the Texas heat.

    Lumbering tools bent deep,

    Sweaty axle grease men

    who shaped rope, cables, chains,

    Pipe-wrenches and steel

    into surgeon’s wands

    Coaxing the nectar upward

    Men who long new

    the value of AQUA

    Before it was bottled up,

    Back when It  flowed freely

    They knew how to go get it.

    They knew they had to protect it.

    You gave us all you had

    A Livelihood and knowledge.

    Now we drink your memory

    like we drank the cool sparkling sweet water,

    pumping out of the well.

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