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    Happy New Year

    By walt | January 11, 2009

    Ahhh time to take relief now that the Holidays are gone. Last nights Lodge Ceremony ended my time off. A sweet way to close the year and open the next mingling with friends in song with nature. Hope all of you had a good Holiday. And thanks to Dante Jacuzzi for responding to the Red Rock Christmas story please send me a e-mail so we can correspond some. Walt@waltstewart.com.

    I heard a great story yesterday on NPR. Regarding how Mosquitoes pick their mates. Seems the male mosqiutioe  wings vibrate at 600hz while the female is around 400hz once the meet the male harmonizes (at least he tries to) with the female at in doing so a third sound is created at around 1200hz. without this overtone the female will reject mating with that particular male.      

    My mentor Suitaqoi taught about how we are all made of the same stuff, just vibrating at different speeds. The human beings who lived close to the earth could sense vibrations more than we do now a days being separated by nature in so many ways. I have been lucky enough to learn some of these old ways from the elders. Here is  one thing you can try when you are feeling lost or disturbed or just want to connect with nature. Find a old tree, me I am not ashamed to hug and be hugged by a tree, you can just sit leaning against a old tree relax and breath smooth circular breaths. Quiet the mind by focusing only on your breath. If there is a question you are pondering ask the tree for its thoughts about it. Now just remain there breathing and wait for a response it will come in time.

    Happy new year everyone. Everything is going to be fine in 09.

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