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    By walt | February 22, 2011

    Spent last night jamming with my brothers they are so talented in song writing. Been working on one that my Godson Carter popped out with this summer. He amazed me with a bass lic and slide that set us rolling in the lyrics. I find the song writing process much like sculpting with found objects. I have a pile of Material (read Junk) people keep contributing to here at the ranch, it seems just when I need a shape for one of the sculptures, shazam , the object shows up. Other times I its the opposite and I go from there. Either way I don’t fight with the process just stay with it as long as the energy is flowing then I walk away, then come back  sometime later, only  from a different angle of approach. This way I can feel the third and fourth dimension of the shape of the art be it Song or Sculpture.

    …….more later- Walt

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