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    By walt | November 15, 2022

    We are Watching stay Strong  4

    by: Walt Stewart with help from Justin Stewart, Eric Stewart, Kelly Stewart Hall, Jake Stewart, Richard Stewart, Michael Moran, Olaf Garcia, Mark Cadel, produced by Tom Steger, Written March 1st 2022, and the Wimberley Sandbox copyright Nov. 15th 2022

    Intro: D, C, G, D

    Verse 1

    Heard your church Bells ringing on the internet

    My uncles in the Hill’s eyes are wet

    Newsman say’s you’re still fighting yet

    Stay Strong

    My families over here, Ya’ll are over there

    Everybody knows the Earths not square

    You are my brothers and my sisters too

    Stay Strong


    We are watching you

    We are watching you

    Were all watchin you

    Stay Strong

    Verse 2

    The ole knee pain is back again

    When I was in the service it was Fire and Rain

    I got you somewhere in Ukraine

    Stay Strong

    Lions and Tigers, and That Bear oh my

    If I was Icarus I could fly

    Feathers in my pockets, I could be your rockets

    Stay Strong

    Lead guitar solo

    Verse 3

    Babushka walked in prayer beads on

    Fell to my knees near the end of this song

    Ole J C said let them be



    2nd Lead Guitar possible harp or mandolin

    Verse 4  We heard your church Bells ringing on the internet ….

    Chorus: We are watching you…

    Chorus again everyone

    Verse 5 Papa is watching you

    The children are watching you

    Babushka is watching you

    Stay strong

    Chorus : We are watching you….  Call Back Ukraine?

    Verse 4: Lions and tigers and That Bear oh my we could be your rockets

    slowing down at the ending


    Stay Strong

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    “Dreamed I was playing for the ASTROS” by Josh and Pawpaw Stewart

    By walt | November 3, 2017

    “I Dreamed I was Playing for the ASTROS”

    by Josh and Pawpaw Stewart

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    “Art of Being” Workshop-March 2015

    By walt | January 7, 2015

    Art of Being 2015 flyer rev 2

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    First Prayer Lodge of the 2015

    By walt | January 6, 2015

    We had a great turn out yesterday about 20 folks here at “Reconciliation Ranch” in Wimberley.
    Wonderful to see everyone, can’t wait until the next full moon.
    I went down to the lodge site this morning to pick up the prayer flags and they felt so energized.

    Here is a photo of the Lode we had Down in New Zealand. It is a Fibonacci Spiral in both Masculine
    and Feminine directions. I think it is so cool and the energy inside is expansive . What do you think? Sweat Frame new zealand

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    The Secret Intelegence of Plants

    By walt | December 19, 2014

    Exactly how plants have the same senses as humans, not to mention in some ways more distinguished ones, all while void of what we envision a brain to be, remains a mystery, its answers lying in the still vastly un-navigated terrain of plant consciousness and intelligence. What we know for sure is that, like us, plants produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and other chemicals to send and receive electrical signals. Concrete details beyond this remain a mystery -one that some scientists are working to unveil. Other, less humble ones, of course, label the very idea of plant consciousness and intelligence as quackery, still unaware that true science often lies in the beauty of not knowing.

    See more at:


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    White Buffalo Calf Woman Photos

    By walt | March 5, 2014

    Thanks Gale Wiley of Wimberley,TX for these amazing shots of

    White Buffalo Calf Woman

    White Buffalo Calf Woman

    The White Buffalo Calf Woman sculpture
    Limited Edition # 2 of 7 Artist Proof at Gallery on the Square.
    If you need videos or photos he is great.

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    “Art of Being” workshop

    By walt | January 27, 2014


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    Happy New Year 2014

    By walt | January 1, 2014

    This year I am going to do more: Loving, Laughing, Hugging, Dancing, Volunteering, Sweating, Singing, Giving, Receiving, Praying, Meditating, Juicing, Smiling, Writing, Creating, and Being.
    How about you?

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    Trip to Scotland

    By walt | March 7, 2013

    Scottish Highlands Drive Applecross Glenelg Isle of Skye

    So excited about my trip to the Fatherland in April.
    Looking forward to being back on my ancestral land. Sends goose bumps all over just thinking about it.
    This time I am going up to Applecross so grateful to the Mankind Project for sponsoring my trip.
    About 50 men will be gathering for the Training Adventure.
    Take a look at this beautiful video you will see why I am so excited to go to the Highlands, my Stewart blood is rolling in Joy.

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    ANGRY at MeBlitz.Com

    By walt | October 12, 2012

    I am angry and sad to write this blog today. Last year I contracted with a crowd funding site called MeBlitz.com. and some of my wonderful friends, family, clients and strangers have opened your hearts and wallets to support my “ART Quest Trilogy”.

    For the past two months I have been trying to make contact with the management of MeBlitz.com.

    No one is responding in e-mail, or the phone number they gave me. I have taken it upon myself to send out the premiums promised and will continue as soon as the CD is finished. Thanks again for all your support. Do not send any money to MeBlitz.com on my behalf.



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